Habit Tracking | Clever Cactus Stickers

Brighten up your habit agenda, planner or journal with Clever Cactus habit tracking stickers.

  • Not month-specific, so you can pick which colour you want
  • Set of 12 in six colours: 2 dark blue, 2 light blue, 2 light green, 2 orange, 2 red, and 2 pink.
  • Each sticker is 5.25” x 2.5” (roughly)
  • Fits in notebook-sized, or larger, journals and planners
  • Printed on standard label paper
  • Cut by hand
  • Designed and printed in Montreal

Now shipping to anywhere in Canada & the United States!

*Cactus stickers and tabs pictured are not included.



Habit tracking doesn’t need to be complicated!

With the Clever Cactus Habit Tracking stickers, you can put your habit trackers anywhere you want – your journal, agenda, planner, wall calendar, notebook, or even directly on your desk!

What to expect from the Clever Cactus Habit Tracking Stickers

We’ve put together a design that helps you set and track habits each day, week and month. With these stickers, you can easily:

  • Mark down when you complete a habit
  • Monitor your progress
  • Figure out where you’re struggling, and where you’re succeeding

We created this Habit Tracking sticker pack as a companion to the Bunny Cactus Planner, which doesn’t have a daily habit tracker built in. The design is based on the Tracking page of the Clever Cactus Planner (so if you’re purchasing a Clever Cactus Planner, you won’t need the stickers).

Available in a pack of 12

The Clever Cactus Habit Tracking stickers come in a pack of 12, with six branded colour: dark blue, light blue, green, orange, red and pink. There’s room for 10 habits on each sticker; just label them down the left-hand side!

The columns come pre-numbers with the 31 days. For months with less than 31 days, you can shade out the extra columns.

Easy to use

Here’s how the original Clever Cactus, Lisa Hoekstra, uses her Clever Cactus Habit Tracking stickers in her Bunny Cactus Planner:

  1. Paste the sticker on the current month’s “Notes” page in the “My Months” section.
  2. During the week, write down when a habit is completed in the “My Weeks” agenda.
  3. At the end or beginning of the week, fill in the Habit Tracking grid with the habits completed the previous week.
  4. Review and adjust habit goals, as needed.

Shipping your new Clever Cactus Stickers

We’re still working on the shipping FAQs page (and all the other FAQs, for that matter), so here’s a little shipping note to hold us over until that’s ready.

  • We now ship to Canada and the United States.
  • If you live outside Canada or the United States, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.
  • A flat-rate shipping fee will be applied at checkout.
  • Shipping across Canada should take about five – 10 business days from when we let you know that it’s been shipped.

We offer a curbside pick up for anyone in Montreal.

If you’d rather come pick up your order, you can select “Local Pick Up” at check out. Please set an appointment when prompted and wear a mask when you drop by.

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