New Year New Goals at Clever Cactus

New Year, New Goals at Clever Cactus

Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay, okay, I admit I’m a month late on that. What can I say? January’s focus wasn’t on the Clever Cactus blog and it kinda showed.

So what, exactly did I do in January? Glad you asked!

I planned!

The first month of 2022 was all about the Annual Review. I won’t go into the details of what that’s like in this blog (because that would be too long). So, if you’d like a deep dive look at what my Annual Review entails, check out this blog post.

The important bit is at the end: setting goals!

I set three Big Goals for Clever Cactus:

  • Regular blogging & social media posting
  • Expand my product line
  • Run a couple marketing campaigns

Now, remember. These are Big Goals. It’s going to take me all year to achieve these goals. This means that everything I do each month – every little goal, task, and step – should be moving me toward these goals.

And I’ve already started moving forward!

In January, I ….

  • Ran two marketing ad campaigns. One on Facebook and one on Google. The Facebook ad resulted in a couple new followers and customers. So that’s exciting! The Google Ad was more expensive and less effective, which was less exciting.
  • Planned out my new products for 2022. This year I’m going to try to create some stickers (by popular demand!) and hopefully create a new planner to launch in September. (I haven’t decided which idea to work on though – the My Health Tracking Journal, a day-focused Clever Cactus Planner, or the My Fitness Journal. All are interesting and worth creating!)

Last week, I planned out my February projects. So look forward to the following happening (hopefully) in the coming months

  • More social media activity
  • New blogs
  • Maybe even a new video!

Also, I hope to test some of the sample sticker paper I recently received. My hope is that by the end of February, I’ll know what works and what doesn’t on the sticker front.

To be honest, sometimes this feels like a lot. Luckily, one of my “Personal Goals” is to remember that I’m only human.

I can’t do everything, but everything I do is worth it.

I’ll leave off this, my first blog of 2022, with some helpful links. I hope you’ll share your goals with me in the comments!

  • My Months: How to use a Clever Cactus planner

  • My Year: How to use a Clever Cactus planner

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