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Our Clever Cactus Calendar is a printable calendar template designed for professionals, creatives and anyone, really, who has multiple calendars and wants to keep all their important dates in one place.

  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print it when you need it
  • Includes both a colour and a black & white version
  • Our Clever Cacti will cheer you on!

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With the Clever Cactus Calendar, you can keep all your important dates in one place. Our Clever Cacti will cheer you on as you work!

Do you have multiple calendars, in a lot of different places? Is it a challenge to keep track of when things are due, or just how busy your week will be? It might be time to consolidate everything in one place! Our Clever Cactus Calendar helps you keep all your important due dates in one place. Print it, add your appointments, events, deadlines and other important dates, then hang it where you can see it all month long.

This download is designed to complement to our Clever Cactus Day Planner. At the beginning of each month, review your “My Year” section (pages 14 – 18). Add the month’s birthdays, events, etc. to the Clever Cactus Calendar. If you’ve set any goal milestones for yourself, add those in as well! We like add a legend in the print out’s “Notes” section, so that we can easily scan the calendar and see what’s going on.

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