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Our Clever Cactus Monthly template is a printable monthly tasks template designed for professionals, creatives and anyone, really, who already has a daily agenda system and wants an easier way to manage their monthly goals.

  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Print it when you need it
  • Includes both a colour and a black & white version
  • Our Clever Cacti will cheer you on!

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With the Clever Cactus Monthly template, you can easily plan your month & stay on top of important bills and tasks!

Do you find that tasks, bills and other important things fall through the cracks each month? Or maybe you have a daily agenda but no place to put your bills, general to do lists and important dates. Download the Clever Cactus Monthly template to keep all your important month-long details in one place!

It’s really easy to use. Once you purchase the download:

  1. Print it.
  2. Add your goals, birthdays, bills, tasks and anything else you need to remember each month.
  3. Then hang it or store it in a binder where you can easily see it all month long.

This download is designed to help you complete your monthly reviews, regardless of whether or not you have an agenda or Clever Cactus planner. It is a great way to keep everything in one place for easy access… and it’s also a nice little test run for the Clever Cactus organizational system.

Before you purchase the Clever Cactus Monthly template, please read the Clever Cactus downloads terms of use.

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